Being a UBC Yoga Club Membership holder doesn't just mean affordable and accessible access to yoga classes from qualified and experienced teachers! You also join a community of likeminded folks across different levels of their wellness journey. We hope to work with you in supporting your wellness. Our sponsors share this goal, which is why they offer benefits that only members receive!


Like everything in the world right now, we have chosen to do things a little differently this year. First, we're moving most of our classes online to our new Zoom platform.


While we are still planning to have a few in-person classes with limited capacity (see our new protocols) most of our classes will be held virtually.

class fees.

We have also chosen to move in the direction of an unlimited pass and membership combo. This semester we will have four membership/class options:















For the membership + unlimited class pass option, your membership will still be valid from the date of purchase to August 2021. However, the unlimited pass will only be valid from the date of purchase to the end of the first semester in December. We plan to re-evaluate the second term as more information about COVID-19 procedure emerges.