Hey I'm Krysten (she/her), I am the President! I'm from Toronto, I study Psychology and Family Studies, and I am a Masters of Management Dual Degreecandidate. In my free time you will probably find me at the gym, skiing orhiking, watching the Raptors, or in a coffee shop somewhere 😌

I started integrating yoga into my fitness routine when I started to seriously workout in high school, as it forced me to stretch 😅 I started attending yoga classes because I needed someone showing me exactly what to do, because I had no idea what I was doing and couldn't hold myself accountable to keep up with my yoga practice consistently, which is where the group class environment really helped me. 

I first joined UBC Yoga Club as a volunteer for our weekly Karma Classes in my first year at UBC, and then applied to be an Events Coordinator on the executive team going into my second year, eventually transitioning into the position of VP Events. I'm currently going into my fourth year at UBC and am now in the President role!

Our team is so excited about what's in store for the club as we ease back into post-pandemic life 🤩