Hi! I’m Marylise (she/her) and I am a fourth year student inthe Faculty of Arts studying Psychology. I grew up in New Brunswick and movedto Vancouver for university. I started attending yoga classes with the UBC YogaClub in first year, but I wasn’t super involved with the club until the end ofsecond year, when I became a Volunteer Coordinator. I’m so happy I get tocontinue helping others discover and practice yoga as a VP External. My goal isto create a safe, loving, and inclusive yoga community on campus. What I lovemost about yoga is that it centres me. I’m a very anxious person who struggleswith being present and yoga has this magical ability of reconnecting me withthe world. Yoga has also helped me form a healthier relationship with my bodyby teaching me how to listen and to be gentle with my body. I’m constantlyamazed by what my body is capable of. Outside of yoga, I like to run and writepoetry.