(she/her) I am a fifth year student in the Faculty ofScience studying Cognitive Systems, specializing in Brain and Cognition. Aftermoving to Vancouver from California in my first year, I joined UBC Yoga Cluband it has been a highlight of my university experience ever since. Yoga hasalways been a passion of mine and this club has allowed me to further explorethis interest and join a community of like-minded individuals. I love howgrounded I feel walking away from each class, especially in times of stress,and cherish the opportunity to practice mindfulness. I encourage everyone totry yoga because it really is for every body, and can provide an opportunity tobe present physically and mentally. I am excited about the opportunity to giveback to this amazing community by continuing in my position as MarketingCoordinator. I hope to remind people via social media and other platforms ofall of the benefits of getting involved with the UBC Yoga Club! When I'm notstudying for classes or doing yoga I love to climb, run, hike, backpack, bake,and dance - all of which balance nicely with my practice of yoga.